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Before I began therapy for my children at the Achievement Centers for Children, I simply had the sadness and struggle associated with my son, Dominic's, autism diagnosis and the global developmental delays of his younger sister, Valentina. Dominic was very unhappy and unable to communicate his needs in any significant way. Valentina was not hitting her developmental milestones and, with low muscle tone, she was unable to roll over, crawl or talk. A friend suggested the Achievement Centers to us. From our first visit, I felt that the Achievement Centers for Children was different. They provide a safe, positive environment where my children feel at home. The therapists are always encouraging and patient, even during the rough sessions. I especially appreciate the holistic approach given to each individual client. The therapists consult with each other to find the best approach tailored to each child's specific needs. They provide helpful insights on how to approach issues and are happy to answer any questions or concerns I have. Our social worker gets to know our unique family situation providing support and resources. My daughter, Valentina, now three years old, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In addition to physical, speech and vision delays, Valentina struggled greatly with separation anxiety. When we began physical therapy, Valentina screamed through the entire session unless I held her. Working with an early childhood social worker, we developed strategies that have enabled Valentina to attend therapy sessions more successfully. In the midst of childhood disabilities, Achievement Centers has helped us find hope. I learn so much working with the therapists here. I share this knowledge with family members and friends. I believe that spreading knowledge about a disability, and how to positively interact with special kids, makes the world a better place. Achievement Centers has helped our family move past painful diagnoses to find the joy in the achievements of my uniquely gifted children. There is no greater joy than watching my child achieve something that I thought was impossible. It is here that I have found hope for my kids and their future.  

Gabriella Gennarelli
Charity Navigator
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Cuyahoga Board of Developmental Disabilities
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