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Following a dramatic display of unhappiness by two-year-old Layla, one of her therapy team members, Josh, entered the room. Layla became immediately silent, and a sweet dimpled smile spread across her face as she watched Josh approach her. Now, all was well with the world for little Layla. It is this trust that our pediatric therapists build with children and young adults, that when combined with their extensive training, experience, and passion, allows them to achieve remarkable results. This is why Dr. Lamia Ibrahim, a physician and Assistant Professor of Medicine at University Hospitals, brought her daughter, Layla, to the Achievement Centers for Children.

“I think the difference with the Achievement Centers versus other therapy organizations, is that they go outside the box; they don’t just stick to what the ‘how to be a therapist’ book says. They try new ideas and games to work with Layla and tailor the session to what she needs and more importantly to what she can handle. They truly care about their patients and the children feel it. Layla loves all of them and you can see it in her eyes when she sees them or when we ask her at home if she had a good time,” Dr. Ibrahim related.

Layla was born with weakness of the rights side of her body, which included her right arm, hand, and leg as a result of an in utero stroke; a stroke that occurred before she was born. Naturally, she favored her stronger left side, and would not use her right hand or leg unless encouraged to do so. To help Layla improve the use of her right side more rapidly, her mother chose our Intensive Therapy Clinic. Here, Layla benefited from a customized program of increased intensity and frequency by our specially trained therapists using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. “Six months after her intensive therapy sessions, Layla went from just sitting to crawling and now walking!” said her mother.

In addition to Intensive Therapy, Layla receives physical and occupational therapies. Her therapy team members at the Achievement Centers collaborate with each other and with her family in order to provide consistency and optimum results for Layla. Additionally, she loves her adapted aquatics class where the warm water of the pool allows her muscles to relax, and she can practice new skills and movements in a fun, playful environment. She delights in reaching for toys floating on the top of the water, all the while stretching and strengthening her right arm, hand, and leg.

When Layla is older, she may not remember all the therapies and treatments she received. But her parents will see the results of these therapies provided early in her life, as they watch her run and play with her older sisters, and being able to do all the things little girls love.

Achievement Centers therapists truly care about their patients and the children feel it."

Dr. Lamia Ibrahim, Layla's mother
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