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TavYon’s mother, Carmel, watched as her two-and-one-half year old son’s behavior changed before her eyes. The child that was starting to talk and sing his ABC’s, started isolating himself, and stopped talking, engaging with people, and making eye contact. TavYon started running from his mother, biting, spitting, and having tantrums for no apparent reason, sometimes lasting hours. Carmel, who is hearing impaired, faced even greater challenges and frustrations communicating with her son who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

After having unsuccessful experiences with several child care centers and their local public school, TavYon started second grade at the Achievement Centers Autism School in Highland Hills. His mother saw a tremendous change in her son in a short period of time. He was finally toilet trained, started talking, responding, expressing his emotions, and his behavior began to improve.

Now, a student at our Autism School in Westlake, TavYon has developed into a very curious boy who loves to learn and memorize facts, especially animal facts. He loves anything electronic, and is a real perfectionist. Carmel appreciates the emotional support and strategies she receives from our classroom staff. Of most comfort to his mother, is seeing TavYon learning to read and be more independents. Carmel said, “I was always afraid – would he be able to be on his own? I want him to succeed and be independent. If he wants to go to college, or live by himself, I want him to be able to manage his life.

In addition to academics, TavYon is learning daily life skills like how to make his own meals, and pre-vocational skills such as basic assembly work for local businesses. With patience and understanding, TavYon will take more steps to independence and lifelong achievement in society.

"I want him to succeed and be independent."

Carmel, TavYon's mother
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