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Stories of Achievement

Teaming up for Dallas

At two-and-a-half years old, Dallas started occupational therapy at the Achievement Centers. Now four years old, Dallas is now able to stand and run, has an extensive vocabulary and an infectious laugh, enjoys jazz and gospel music, and is especially inquisitive about how things work. Read more

From Baby to Adult

Steven started coming to the Achievement Centers for Children as a baby, and grew in strength, abilities, and independence in a variety of our programs to become the amazing adult he is today. Read more

TavYon's Achievements

TavYon is thriving in our autism school, and has achieved so much—from talking and expressing his emotions, to gaining a love for learning in his classroom, in his pre-vocational activities, and at home. Read more

Mr. Music Man

Chase enjoys making music. When reaching to play in this physical therapy session, he builds muscle strength and coordination while having fun. Read more

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