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At a year old, Artist LeSure was saying simple words such as “mama” and “no no” and took his first independent steps at his first birthday party. Soon after, he abruptly stopped talking and interacting with others. At his two-year-old check-up, when he still was not speaking, his doctor became concerned that Artist may have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). His mother, Chardi, became dedicated to researching as much information as possible about autism and ways she could help her son. She searched for resources on the internet and found the Achievement Centers’ website. There she read stories about the achievements of other children with ASD and found it reassuring. When Artist was officially diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at 3 1/2 years old, she had already been helping him at home with his sensory challenges. “We practically turned our apartment into a preschool,” said Chardi.

When it was time for Kindergarten, their local school district suggested the Achievement Centers, and Chardi was thrilled based on what she already knew about the Achievement Centers. After visiting our Autism School in Highland Hills, and meeting with our teachers, aides, and staff, Chardi knew her son would thrive here. Chardi related, “our journey with the Achievement Centers for Children has been amazing! It has worked for Artist so well, especially with the year-round program. I can do nothing but thank the amazing team of teachers and aides at the Achievement Centers!”

What do Artist’s Parents Want for His Future?
“I want Artist to be able to share his story and to have him accepted in the world. I want to let other kids and families know it’s OK to be different. Artist is remarkable and I’m looking forward to all he will offer the world,” said Chardi.

"I can do nothing but thank the amazing team of teachers and aides at the Achievement Centers!"

Artist's mother, Chardi
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