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the Deaver Sisters

A story of four sisters that share one Achievement Centers’ Help Me Grow Home Visitor

Ke’Shawna, De’Shawna, Sha’Nice, and Sha’Maria are sisters with young children very close in age. A hard-working group of mothers, they share a love of their children, and are dedicated to providing the best that they can for their families. This dedication is what motivates them to participate in the Help Me Grow program.

Ke’Shawna and Karter (Age: Two years)

Ke’Shawna was the first sister to enroll in the program when Karter was one month old. Ke’Shawna said, “Madelaine, our Help Me Grow Home Visitor, is real nice. She helps me with understanding my son Karter’s development, and keeps us on track. I learn pointers, how to deal with situations, and she gives me information and resources. She encourages me. I learn so much that I am able to also use with my class of toddlers at the child care where I work.”

Sha’Maria and Nevaeh (Age: 25 months)

Sha’Maria is the youngest of the four sisters and enrolled in the program when her daughter, Nevaeh, was four months old. “After Madelaine started visiting Ke’Shawna, all the other sisters started to be thirsty for all the help and information Madelaine brought with her on each visit. She teaches Nevaeh new things, and she teaches me to be more patient. She helps me to do things like getting a better job and housing. I know I can ask her anything,” said Sha’Maria.

Sha’Nice and Rashaud (Age: 19 months)

Sha’Nice enrolled in the program a few weeks before Rashaud was born. Although she has an older son, Sha’Nice wanted the extra support that the program provides. “Today, Madelaine brought me information about Rashaud’s head banging. I understand more about why he might be doing it, and how I can better read his facial expressions to help him before he gets too frustrated. I worry about him, but Madelaine’s information has made me feel better able to take care of my son,” related Sha’Nice.

De’Shawna and Javonte (Age: 9 months)

When De’Shawna found out she was pregnant with her first child, she quickly enrolled in the program – still in her first trimester! Madelaine provided De’Shawna with information about her baby’s development each month, and supported her in preparing for his birth. De’Shawna continues to benefit from regular visits from Madelaine. De’Shawna said, “Not only did I get pregnancy information, but Madelaine helped give me job information, flyers for special events, and helped me with housing. It’s been very helpful.”

"Madelaine's information has made me feel better able to take care of my son."

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