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Meet ten-year-old Alexis Gyory.  She’d like to tell you all about playing at Camp Cheerful.

“I’m sweet and I love my dad and mom. I have a dog named Poncho. He’s a schnauzer and is black. The best things about Camp Cheerful are my counselors. I love all of them! They are nice to me, and I try hard to listen to them, but sometimes it’s hard. My favorite things to do at camp are swimming, going down the slides, playing games, and arts and crafts. I want to stay overnight at camp next year. I think it will be fun to sleep in the cabins. The beds are cool and sometimes they have campfires and dances at night. I also ride horses here every Monday. My favorite horse is Butter because she likes to trot and she listens to me, but she doesn’t always do what I tell her. I know how to stand up in the stirrups on the horse and ‘post.’ I think it’s good exercise for me.” – Alexis

Alexis’ father, Eric, added, “For Alexis, being an only child, camp is a great opportunity to get her out socializing with other kids, and it’s making her more independent.” Her mother, Annette, added, “Alexis makes sure we read the daily reports from camp, then she explains everything to us. For example, today, she had some trouble transitioning from one activity to another, but she was very welcoming and friendly to new children coming to camp. We love talking with her about her day. I think all the activities at camp have made her stronger physically and improved her social skills.”

What I like best about Camp Cheerful is I love it!

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