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Therapy Services

"Achievement Centers has helped our family move past painful diagnoses to find the joy in the achievements of my uniquely gifted children. It is here that I have found hope for my kids and their future."

Gabriella Gennarelli, mother of Dominic and Valentina

Speech/Language Therapy

Speech therapy improves language, communication, and speech abilities and skills. Read more

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy improves independence in self-care, play, and school/work-related skills. Read more

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy strengthens large muscles, improves balance and coordination, and improves mobility. Read more

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Intensive Therapy Clinic

Intensive Therapy Clinic accelerates results and sustainable progress through condensed and focused therapy sessions. Read more

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How can our Therapy Services help your child or young adult?

Our licensed, experienced therapists offer physical, occupational, speech therapies, and our Intensive Therapy Clinic. We specialize in therapy services for children and young adults with developmental, neurological, and/or physical disabilities. Our therapists are experts in developing creative, effective, engaging treatments for the best short-term and long-term outcomes for your child.


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