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“In our Autism School, students learn creative ways to adapt and develop their unique abilities, make friends, and thrive in our safe, nurturing, and caring environment.”

Lisa Cooper, Director of Education

Autism School

Supporting students with autism spectrum disorders to reach their full potential in our individualized, family-centered alternative public school classrooms Read more

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Consultation programs focusing on developing social emotional learning in young children within classroom settings. Read more

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Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

Facilitating the inclusion of children with special needs into community childcare programs through training and on-site consultations. Read more

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In the classroom, home and community

Blended Approach

We meet our students where they are, and provide the supports and expertise to enable academic, social, and emotional success in the classroom and in daily life.

We’re a Team

We ensure the most meaningful learning through our collaborative, interdisciplinary approach.

Education Solutions

We understand the challenges students and families face. Our caring, experienced staff has the expertise to offer effective solutions for each individual student.

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