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Adult Services

Achievement Centers for Children is not just for children! We know that the benefits of many of our programs extends beyond childhood to adults as well. Participation is adapted for each person’s special abilities, challenges, and interests to provide caring, respectful, beneficial experiences.

Adapted Sports & Adapted Aquatics

Year-round competitive, adapted sports and indoor adapted aquatics swimming lessons for children and adults with disabilities. Read more

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Adult Recreation & Camp Programs

Adults enjoy a wide variety of enjoyable activities tailored to their special needs and interests in our unique outdoor setting. Read more

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Therapeutic Horsemanship

Therapeutic horseback riding and horsemanship activities for children and adults with and without special needs. Read more

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Speech Therapy

Improves language, communication, and speech abilities and skills. Read more

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Occupational Therapy

Improves independence in self care, play, and school/work related skills. Read more

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Physical Therapy

Strengthens large muscles, improves balance and coordination, and improves mobility. Read more

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Intensive Therapy Clinic

Accelerated results and sustainable progress through condensed and focused Intensive Therapy sessions. Read more

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