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Working at Camp Cheerful

“Working at Camp Cheerful Really is the Best Job Ever!”

These are the words of one of our Summer Camp Counselors, but they have been repeated by many!

Achievement Centers for Children is now recruiting for our Summer 2024 Camp Cheerful team. It’s a wonderful educational opportunity if you are majoring in Education/Special Education or PT/OT/Speech Therapy, but really is for anyone looking for a job that is rewarding, enlightening, and fun.

  • June to August (Flexibility Available)
  • $475 weekly stipend
  • Skills gained: Critical thinking/Problem-solving, Leadership, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Empathy

Learn more from some of our former and returning counselors:

Quynh—Physical Therapy Graduate Student

  • Spent 4 summers at Camp Cheerful
  • Roles: Overnight Counselor, Respite Counselor, Activities Coordinator, Virtual Counselor (during COVID)
  • “It’s special to make connections with someone who you really don’t think you have that many commonalities with and you find so much joy in them finding more independence with themselves…All the lessons and all the memories that you take away from Camp…it really sticks with you forever.”

Madie—Special Education Teacher

  • Spent 2 summers at Camp Cheerful
  • Roles: Day Counselor, Activities Coordinator
  • “You work with so many different kids with so many different needs and you learn so much. Not only for me who is going into the world of special education as a professional, but just as a human. I think that allows you to develop a great level of empathy for others and a respect.”

Esme—Primary School Teacher

  • From: Halifax, England
  • Spent Summer 2023 at Camp Cheerful – and hopes to return in 2024
  • Roles: Day Counselor
  • “I was nervous about working with children with disabilities but there was nothing to worry about. I loved it and it was the best summer of my life. It has really changed my life and changed what I want to do. I’ve decided I want to work in terms of inclusion. I really like Adapted Sports.”

Bart—English Teacher

  • From: Poland
  • Spent 2 summers at Camp Cheerful – and hopes to return in 2024
  • Roles: I’m thinking about a post-graduate degree connected with teaching people with disabilities and before Camp, I never thought about it. So working at Camp really has changed my life…I really can’t wait to see MY campers. I call them my campers because I feel really attached to them and I can’t wait to see them next year.”

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