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There’s a lot of things you might see and experience if you work for the Cleveland Browns at First Energy Stadium. Some good, some bad, and some downright strange.

In my time as a greeter and elevator operator, I have been able to go on the field (but not during the game) for photos and I have met many famous people. I worked at the Taylor Swift concert where I never heard so many screaming teenagers before in my life. I also worked at a U2 concert. At that concert, an overly friendly man wanted to give me a wad of money and wanted to take me to his tattoo parlor to get “tatted,” “right now!” I’ve even met former Browns players and co-owner Dee Haslam. All super nice!

There have been some memorable times as well. There’s a family with season tickets who always brings their service dog, Marvin. I love dogs, so it’s always great to see Marvin. One time, a little boy came up to me and talked for a while and then wanted to give me his hat.  Turns out he was the grandson of a former Cleveland Browns player. They clearly raised him right! Interestingly, I had to get a drug test to get the job with the Browns, which I thought was funny because the likelihood of me doing any drugs is zero.

After I worked as a greeter for a while, my boss Jim asked me if I would also like to run one of the elevators. Good thing my chair can elevate to allow me to reach all five of the floor buttons. Jim has always treated me with kindness and respect. He also gives me hugs when I need one.

Be sure to read my next blog next week, “Life with Wilbur” will be published Monday, Dec. 9th. It’s about my family and my favorite pet pig. Seriously. Don’t miss any of my blogs by following the Achievement Centers on Facebook @AchievementCenters.

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