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by:  Ella Hanley

I just got some wonderful news the other day.  I was accepted to Tri-C, or Cuyahoga Community College. I got the news in a phone call that I had been accepted to Tri-C for this coming fall. It made me feel good. My family is happy for me.

I was going to do my senior project as a Visitor Services Representative (VSR) at the Rock and Roll hall of fame this past spring but could not do it because of COVID-19. Even though the rock hall has re-opened they are not having any VSRs working because of the COVID-19.

After I graduated high school this past June I was thinking about taking a “gap year” but my dad mentioned the idea of trying to take some classes at Tri-C and I agreed with his idea.

So, together with both my mom and dad we looked on-line to find out how to apply.  I spoke to someone at Tri-C before I actually applied to get more information and she sent me all of the information I needed to apply.

Right now, Tri-C will be on-line because of COVID-19 so I’m planning to take just one class on-line this fall.  I have learned that there are a lot of things you need to get done in order to start college.  Below is my checklist.

  • A Virtual campus visit
  • Take a math placement test
  • Do a new student orientation
  • Do a college counseling appointment
  • Do a student accessibility services dept. meeting over a phone call
  • Complete FAFSA & a FERPA application (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.)

I have been able to complete everything above except for my college counseling appointment and the My College Experience.

I’m interested in taking a general history class, music, music history and a music recording class.  I just need to decide on which one I want to take this coming fall.

I’m feeling both excited and also a little nervous about starting college.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Ella is a client of the Achievement Centers for children.  She wrote this as part of her speech pathology therapy with ACC speech pathologist, Steve McDermott.

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Jean Simmons
2 years ago

Ella, I’m so excited for you and look forward to keeping up with you on your Blog!!

Nicole Gerami
2 years ago

Ella, this blog is so cool. It sounds like you are so excited about college. I’m super proud of you and hope you love your classes!

Mary Ann Hall
2 years ago

Good luck with your new adventures, Ella. How exciting! I look forward to hearing more on your blog!

Dan Cullen
2 years ago
Reply to  Mary Ann Hall

Ella, it is so neat you’re going to tri C , I hope you enjoy your college experience. I went to Cleveland State way back in 1977 I had a great time and met some life long friends, I am sure you will do the same my dear. P.S. I did graduate with a communications degree. Good luck Ella, and open your heart to some new experiences. P.S I sure do miss going to Camp Cheerful, I had some of my best times of my life there for sure.

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