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My mom is incredible. She has never treated me as a person with disabilities, rather as the person I am. Every day together is an adventure, and I always tell her that her life would be boring without me. She encourages me to think outside my wheelchair and has always figured out ways to get past barriers. I think this is what I admire most about my mom. When I have been skeptical or even a little scared about doing certain things, she figures out a way for me to do them that many able-bodied people may not be willing to try. I’ve found that not every activity is for me (especially riding a jet ski), but at least we gave them a try. I am lucky to have her as my mom!

Here are some of my adventures and activities:

  • One time at Put-in-Bay, my mom and I went parasailing together. Going up and coming down was a bit terrifying, but it was very peaceful being up high in the sky.
  • We went white water rafting in West Virginia.  I was tied to her in the raft, so if one of us got knocked out of the raft, we were both going in. It was a scary ride, but also a lot of fun. My mom spent the whole trip holding on to me to make sure I was safe.
  • We had a blast at Kalahari Water Park. We were in a huge inner tube with a group of people. It’s hard for me to close my mouth, and even harder when I’m laughing. So, by the end of the water ride, I had quite a mouthful of water. We even went zip lining there!
  • We’ve also tried ice skating and riding on a jet ski.
  • We love to “dance” and sing in the car everywhere we go.

In all our adventures together, my mom looks for ways for me to live my life to the fullest. I have so many stories to tell, thanks to her. I hope you will keep in mind when you see someone in a wheelchair, the many adventures I’ve enjoyed. Though there may be accommodations made that allow me to participate, I love being involved in the world around me.

What barriers keep you from fully participating in activities and adventures, and how can you think outside your box to push yourself into achieving more than you thought possible?

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