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Students in our Achievement Centers Autism School love making their own playdough using only hot chocolate mix, flour, and oil. It smells so good and is very soft to the touch.

Our teachers and therapists incorporate the activity in their lesson plans as sensory play. Our speech therapist uses the activity to encourage communication by speaking, using their iPad, or sign language. An occupational therapist works with the students to improve their fine motor skills in mixing and forming the dough with cookie cutters and cups. The students also practice following directions while they measure and mix the dough. Try the recipe for yourself!

Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough

(Adjust quantities as needed)

8 Cups Flour

2 Cups Oil (baby oil or cooking/vegetable oil)

3 Cups hot chocolate mix

Combine ingredients and mix thoroughly. The baby oil has a scent, so if unscented is desired or if you want to make an edible dough, use vegetable oil.

Download the Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Social Story Here


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