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Our Poet Laureate, Ella Hanley, has been reminiscing about her travels last summer.  Being that today is the last day of National Poetry Month for 2021, and the weather is getting nicer, we thought we’d share her thoughts!


Good Weather – By Ella Hanley

Good weather, good day

Come out and play

We’re seeing a wonderful sight

Let the sun shine bright!


The flowers, in bloom

Pretty soon it will be June

We’re seeing a wonderful sight

Let the sun shine bright!


Some days it can be cloudy

But that will help the flowers grow

When I feel gloomy and pouty

I just wait for the clouds to go!

Some Words from Ella

This past August I went with my family including my dog, Zuma, to Hocking Hills, Ohio on a camping vacation. It was a 3-hour drive. We stayed in a cabin. It was a nice cabin with a hot tub and a pool table. It also had a fire pit outside. We stayed there for three days. We had a wonderful time.

We got to do some very fun activities. We did a zip line.  It was a super zip so it was super-fast. It was pretty high off the ground and you had two choices for your ride: sitting or lying down to fly like a super hero. I chose the super hero flying. The ride went right between the trees. We could feel the breeze.  My younger brother did a smaller zip line called the “Dragon Fly.”  My dad also did the zip line and it was his first time ever.  My sisters Maisie and Hannah also did the super zip line with us. I was the only one who did the flying position.

The next activity we did was hiking. The hike was to a place called “Old Man’s Cave.”  The path was rocky, and it was harder for me because I have to wear a knee brace on my right knee.  The hike to old man’s cave was a mile long and took us an hour to get there.  We all did the hike even our dog, Zuma.

Back at our nice cabin we enjoyed making S’mores out by the fire pit. Then we told some scary ghost stories around the fire.

The cabin also had a hot tub.  The only ones who used it was me, my brother and younger sister.  My older sister, mom and dad sat outside the hot tub while we were in it.

Overall, the trip was enjoyable, and I got to spend some quality time with my family. We also enjoyed the nature, and do not get to do this very often.

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