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Dealing with Coronavirus and All The Changes 

by:  Ella Hanley

So, as I got closer to graduating high school this spring the coronavirus happened.  At first I thought it was stupid that it was coming here but I did think it was serious. I was a little worried about what my school was going to do. We heard about schools closing on the news but we thought it would just be for a few days, maybe longer but we really didn’t know how long it would last.

I was worried about my mom & dad’s work.

Doing my school work on-line has been better than I thought it would be. We have handled the technology ok. I just had to get used to this new way of doing my work. My older sister has helped me with most of my subjects like math and English. Emailing my teachers questions has been ok.

What I am missing the most from being at school is the cafeteria lounge, my choir teacher and my friends.

I was definitely feeling bad about the possibility of not going back to school this year and then the news went out saying we would definitely not be going back this year. It’s been a mix of being upset and getting used to it.

Unfortunately the coronavirus hit all of us un-expectantly before we got to graduate. The “News” is telling us the facts about the “Covid-19 virus”.

On May 22nd, I had my last day of high school, with a virtual graduation ceremony on June 3rd.

Although my senior year did not end up as I had hoped, it felt nice to spend time with my family at home.  I am grateful that people are safe and want them to be careful as we continue to go through this.

Remember, you are not alone!




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Donna Nycum
2 years ago

What a great attitude. Congratulations on your graduation!

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