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Alex PriceWe know that the coronavirus and having to stay at home has been difficult for everybody. It has been quite unusual for everyone. Being cooped up in the house is not fun at all. I, myself, have dealt with both depression and anxiety in the past. I have had to be “on guard” for the signs of my past issues. Like everyone else I have activities outside of the house that are part of my normal routine.

Since being stuck at home, I haven’t been able to do the following activities: boxing class, book club, fitness club, PT (physical therapy), speech therapy, go to Church, go inside stores, special events for work, doctor appointments, go out to eat and the movies with my family, board of developmental disabilities (DD) meetings to find a new 2nd job and to meet my new case worker.

Both my brother and I were born premature so our lungs were not fully developed. I also have breath support and control issues so I am more at risk for complications, should I catch the coronavirus. To help myself cope at home, I have been trying to exercise, take my dog “Jet” for extra walks, deep breathing, meditation and reading the Bible. I have also been able to do some speech and PT using teletherapy.

I hope people who are stuck at home are healthy and are being kind to each other. Hopefully we can all get out of our homes soon and back to a more normal daily life.

About Alex

Alex is a client of the Achievement Centers for Children who has been working with Speech Pathologist, Steve McDermott, since 2017, working on a variety of exercises to strengthen and improve speech.  Writing is part of this therapy and is something Alex particularly enjoys!  We are proud of Alex for writing and publishing his first book, Never Give Up, available on

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