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It’s time.  You’ve talked about volunteering and giving back to your community for years, so what’s keeping you from actually taking the next step?  The many opportunities available can be overwhelming. What is rewarding for your friends, may not be the best fit for you. So, why should you volunteer, and how do you decide what organization to offer your valuable time and energy to help?

According to, there are proven reasons why it is beneficial for you to volunteer.
  1. Volunteers live longer and are healthier.
  2. Volunteering establishes strong relationships.
  3. Volunteering is good for your career.
  4. Volunteering is good for society.
  5. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose.

A little intentional thought about what kind of experiences you’d enjoy, in what capacity you’d like to contribute, what impact you’d like to make, and who you would like to volunteer with or help will go a long way in making sure you get the most out of your commitment right from the start.

Here are a few questions to help identify possibilities:
  1. Do you have a natural affinity for a particular cause already? Do you enjoy being around seniors, children with disabilities, nature lovers, sports, animals, etc?  Do you donate financially to causes in your community that you feel connected to?
  2. Are you looking for a short, temporary volunteer project, or one more ongoing? If you don’t feel ready for an ongoing commitment, you might want to start by offering a day of gardening, for instance. Volunteering can be very flexible, though you’ll want to keep any commitments you make.
  3. What skills and passions do you have to offer an organization? Do you have experience in particular areas, or are you looking to learn new skills? Consider expanding your horizons by learning something a little different and by networking with new people.

Thinking about these questions beforehand could make sure you find just the right fit and are the most rewarding for you and the organization.

Volunteer Opportunities at the Achievement Centers for Children and Camp Cheerful

We have a variety of rewarding volunteer opportunities at the Achievement Centers for Children and Camp Cheerful!  Volunteers provide immeasurable assistance in our adapted sports and therapeutic horsemanship program, with special projects and fundraising events. In fact, in 2019, we had over 1,000 volunteers!  We had 190 volunteers helping children with disabilities ride our gentle horses, contributing over 9,600 hours! No experience is necessary – we will provide any instruction needed. Each volunteer contributes in their own way, whether they help a child make a touchdown in adapted football or assist in our offices, or with gardening and landscaping. We are grateful for their dedication and passion!

Learn more about opportunities perfect for you

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VP of Recreation & Sports
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